About Us


ROSS HARPER is an online referral network connecting clients to established law firms regulated by the Law Society of Scotland. ROSS HARPER is not a regulated law firm.


Those firms employ specialist Scottish Solicitors who are professionally qualified and regulated.


Find out more about the benefits of using a Scottish Solicitor by following this link to the Law Society of Scotland.

Our Mission

To revolutionise the Scottish Legal Market by:

  • Being the first place clients go to when wanting to hire a specialist Scottish Lawyer.
  • Smashing barriers that separate clients and their lawyers, allowing clients to get access to the right lawyers, right now!
  • Offering an award-winning service tailored to suit the needs of clients.
  • Taking advantage of technological and legal developments available to benefit our clients and partners.

Whatever the situation, we will get you the right lawyer, right now!

Our Partners

ROSS HARPER works with specialist lawyers who share our commitment, values and vision.


Whatever your legal needs, ROSS HARPER will connect you to the right lawyer, right now!


Call 0800 11 12 13 to start now.


You do not pay any fees directly to us.


We are paid by the lawyers that take on your case when they pay for marketing.


Lawyers will let you know up front how their fees will be calculated when you hire them. This is normally in their terms of business. They should be transparent, good value and always agreed in advance – so you don’t have any nasty surprises.


Lawyers can tailor the package to suit you if you would be covered by insurance or legal aid.

Responsibility and Inclusion

As we are continuing the tradition of delivering expert legal advice and services in an accessible and innovative manner, we are very aware of the long-term responsibilities this brings.


We will do our very best, at every stage of the client journey to be clear and open. We pride ourselves on communication.


We will work closely with partners who share similar values and we will do our very best to ensure that we partner with lawyers who offer legal aid and pro bono advice.


We are very aware that law students of today are the future of the profession and we will collaborate with local universities to give graduates the experience and training in our business that they require.


We really value the benefits that come from having a diverse and inclusive team.


We invite applications from all people, regardless of age, sex, religion, race, gender identity, nationality, disability or background. The most important characteristics we look for when expanding our network are people with the right experience, skills, confidence, ability, passion and enthusiasm to help us ‘Revolutionise the Scottish Legal Market’.


ROSS HARPER is revolutionising the Scottish Legal Market and we encourage like-minded companies and investors who would like to join us, to make contact. The opportunity is huge – get involved!

Legal Notice

ROSS HARPER is a trading style of ROSS HARPER Limited, Company Number SC546 208 with its Registered Office at Radleigh House, 1 Golf Road, Glasgow G76 7HU.